Pripyat tours and Chernobyl tours 2 in 1 in price of one tour!

Don't miss your chance to visit the exclusion zone! This is a unique place on the Earth where you face with results of harm that nuclear technology can do with a modern human way of life.

Just try to imagine if someone tells you that you've already been more than 24 hours are being under a huge radiation effect and now you need to throw everything away and run like hell into evacuation points. Even those small things that people were carrying were abandoned due to a high decontamination level on clean-up points.

Those cities (Pripyat and Chernobyl) after 30 years are still frozen in this atmosphere of fear... And all of this is surrounded by beautiful and wild nature that has been in a state of uncontrolled growth for 3 decades...

During your tour you will visit both of these cities and will have an opportunity to look at NPP and wild nature as well.

Chernobyl tour takes the whole day.

Departure from Kiev - 8:30
Arrival to Kiev - around 18:00 (See: Activity)
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What is included: program, English speaking guide, lunch, transfer from Kiev to Chernobyl and back.
(See: Calendar)
Rules in Chernobyl:
1. You can visit if you're 18+ years old;
2. Can't enter without valid passport;
3. There's a strict dress code.
(Read detailed on Rules page)
Taking pictures and video:
Allowed almost everywhere (except check points, security devices and certain areas specified by your guide).

Group tour - $110

Private tour:
1 person -   $450
2 persons - $230
3 persons - $210
4 persons - $170
5 persons - $140
6 persons - $125
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